Brev til dommer Monique Hodgkinson

Styret i Norsk Boxerklubb har valgt å sende et brev til dommer Monique Hodgkinson, etter som noe av den kritikken som noen få personer laget etter Årsvinnerutstillingen, også nådde henne. Brevet gjengis her i sin helhet:



Postboks 518  Sentrum -  0105 Oslo



Dear Monique                                                                                 Oslo June 29th 2017

It was a pleasure having you as our judge at our Annual Winner Show. You did
exactly what we expected you to do, namely to judge every single exhibit honestly
according to their merit compared to the boxer standard. Your unbiased input as an
outsider on the state of the breed in our country was also very welcome and useful.
We know many exhibitors are looking forward to reading your report from the show!
Therefore, it was so sad that you had to experience attacks on your knowledge and
integrity on social media after the show. As your hosts, we are angered and shameful
on behalf of the Norwegian Boxer Club and its members over this kind of behavior. It
is completely unacceptable, and we extend our most sincere apologies to you for

We also must emphasize that this kind of poor sportsmanship is not representative
for the members of our club. There is, unfortunately, a relatively small core of
exhibitors that are unable to face disappointing results with the grace and dignity that
adults are supposed to do. It is a typical case of the few that ruin for the many.
Therefore, we hope that you will remember all the exhibitors who appreciated your
thorough evaluation of their boxer, as well as the ecstatic winners, and that the few
people making a lot of noise will be a fading memory.


Kind regards
Cecilie Strømstad

On behalf of the Committee of the Norwegian Boxer Club